17 April 2014

You say Dubai, I say Hello!

 Architectural Plans - Check!
Electrical Plans - Check!
Plumbing Details - Check!
Two Scale Models - Check! Check!

I'm freeeeeeeeee!!! 
Back to bumming all day... and blogging of course!
You don't get to see that everyday.
 I always see a different perspective of life when I travel.

We visited two malls (Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall-the largest shopping mall in the world!) on our first day in Dubai.
And guess where I first went?
I can hear my dad saying, "You went to Dubai just to eat at McDonalds?" LOL
I love that there are different meals in every country. 
 Sweater, Givenchy
Trench Coat, Surplus 
Green Pants, H&M
I was a little scared to wear the Madonna Sweater because most Emiratis are muslim but Dubai is really cool and more "liberated" compared to other cities in the Middle East. I even saw girls wearing shorts in the mall! 
These westerners are crazy! How can they swim?! It's freaking 13'C outside!
The family that wears black together, stays fashionable forever.

Some day I'll check in at Burj Al Arab! 
I partied by the Burj Al Arab though but more on that later.
The Burj Khalifa at 9PM. 

From the in-your-face architecture to the tasty shawarma and kebabs - Dubai is unexpectedly charming.

Gold Souq and Abu Dhabi, coming soon!

07 April 2014


 Here are the last set of photos from my last trip in Korea. I didn't expect to have so much fun in our short trip to the Trickeye Museum!

Check out my matching shirt and pants (I forgot to take outfit shots!)
 Chillin like a bat
 That's for the crazy line in the Louvre Museum.
 Think outside the box!
 What really happened in Edvard Munch's painting, The Scream.

 Pwede na sa circus!
Naka-smile pa din. HAHA

Don't forget to visit the Trickeye Museum when you're in Seoul. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi, coming soon!

04 March 2014

(>^_^)> <(^o^<)

Everland Resort

Yes, that's the T-Express in the background - the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world! #AdrenalineJunkie
Don't forget to ride these roller coasters when you're there! 
Jacket, SM Department Store
Shirt, Stolen from my brother's closet
Pants, H&M
Shoes, Dr Martens 

Korea is all about couples.
My sister and I were on stalker mode all day:
 Matching bags!
Matching headbands! 
Matching jackets!
Korean couples are so cute!

But are they cuter than me and my panda claws? HAHA
 I still have a lot of pictures to share from my Korea trip!
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August 2013

02 March 2014


I fiiiiiinallyyy have the time (and energy) to update my rotting blog. 
What better way to start this comeback post than.. with a travel throwback?
And not just any travel throwback: Top 5 things to do in Nami Island Throwback!

1. When in Nami Island.. wear something romantic! #WinterSonataVibes
I didn't get to do this during my first visit tho because it was too cold.
Shirt, SM Department Store
Pants, H&M
Brogues, H&M

2. When in Nami Island.. rent a bicycle!
Fall 2013 
It's nice to see the lake not frozen!
Winter 2011
It's more fun if you're with your girlfriend mom!

Don't forget to try Sky Biking as well.

3. When in Nami Island.. eat authentic Bulgogi and Kimchi!
It's best paired with Cass, South Korea's local beer.

4. When in Nami Island.. walk along the metasequoia footpath!

5. When in Nami Island.. take photos!
Fall 2013
Winter 2011
And don't forget to have a picture taken under the breast-feeding-mom statue!

Watch out for my post on Everland and Trickeye Museum!

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August 2013

14 December 2013

Vatican City

Second Day Itinerary: St. Peter's Basilica - Sistine Chapel - Vatican Museum
St. Peter's Basilica is the holiest place I've been to.
Upon entering St. Peter's Basilica, I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I felt safe, protected, blessed, and loved. Looking at the crepuscular rays made me emotional. I wanted to cry but I didn't. For the first time in my life, I TRULY felt God's presence. 
I remember telling my mama bear who has pusong mamon to pull it together. 
Hugging her after hearing mass (nagets namin kahit Italian HAHA) just felt right and perfect.
 And then Blogger Mode and Architecture/Interior Design Geek na ulit!
I take back what I said about Solomonic Columns. The Baldacchino is the best column I've ever seen in my life!
Cap, Thrifted, Xilin Night Market, Taiwan
Blazer, Stolen from my brother A's closet, SM Department Store
Pants, Terranova
Brogues, H&M
 Most of the photos were taken by my sister, Angel 
Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel
Eat your heart out The Venetian! #Nakakaiyak
I didn't get to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel #bawal but it gave me more time to appreciate Michelangelo's painting!
I try to read at least three paintings of Michelangelo and Raphael every night. My Professor in Decorative Arts must be proud. #Geek 
I also found this sculpture with my surname on it. #KunwariMayItalianLineage  
And then it was time for lunch!
Yes, I had my own pizza pie because that's how we, Italians eat our pizza. #NoSharing  
Castel Sant'Angelo was surprisingly awesome. 
It has the best view towards Rome and the Vatican City. Definitely worth the (273618315-step stairs) climb!

Last Destination: Fontana di Trevi at Night
I made another wish but this time throwing with my right hand over my left shoulder! #SanaMagkatotoo
I asked for a girlfriend LOLOLOL
 The Colosseum is next!

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Hell week (finals) is almost over and I hope I get to work on my backlogs during Christmas Break.
I still have two days for Rome, Singapore trip last August, Korea trip last September, and the very successful BU6 - keep on sending our photos on Instagram/Twitter!